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Sophie Black



I’ve produced programmes, short features and trails for over 15 years across all the major BBC radio networks including BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 4 Extra and the BBC World Service and the Sony award winning Prison Radio Association. Most recently I produced a 3 hour Chris Morris retrospective for BBC Radio 4 Extra called Raw Meat Radio.  You can hear it here.  And here’s a lovely review.

I write, edit, mix and produce all my own stuff and have my own studio at home so can record and edit remotely.  I am always looking for good radio storytelling and features ideas .

Short Cuts

Here are some short features I produced for BBC Radio 4’s series Short Cuts.

Dead Man’s Hand (feat. David O’Doherty) – 2013

Wilder (feat. Dave Benson) – 2013

The Village (feat. Chris Bowman) – 2014

Dad (feat. Nico Tatarowicz) – 2014

Joe Hammond (feat. Alex Edelman) – 2015

Life after Crime (feat. John McAvoy) – 2015

Turd Ferguson (feat. Alex Edelman) – 2015

In Conversation

An improvised podcast I recorded in 2011 with Fergus Craig.

Click on the blue title to play:

In Conversation with Thomas Tisk

In Conversation with Nigel Peter St John

It’s Your Funeral

I asked some of my favourite comics what songs they’d like played at their funeral for a series of shorts on BBC Radio 4 Extra.  Like a sort of Desert Island Deaths.

Click on the blue title to play:

It’s Your Funeral – Arnab Chanda

It’s Your Funeral – Holly Walsh

It’s Your Funeral – Fergus Craig

It’s Your Funeral – Marek Larwood

It’s Your Funeral – Matthew Crosby


Here are a selection of BBC radio trails I’ve made over the years.

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Radio 4 Extra launch campaign


Today programme